charcuterie board

Select Your Board
Whether wood, slate, marble, or salt, choose a board large enough to fit everything you want to put on it, with just a little wiggle room to spare.

Select Your Cheese
Select between three and four cheeses. Opt for cheeses with different textures: one hard cheese, one soft cheese, one semi-hard, and so on. When placing them on the board, set them out mildest to strongest.

Select Your Meats
Salami is just the beginning. Sopressata, Mortadella, Prosciutto, Chorizo, Jamon Iberico, and Coppa/Capicola are all excellent choices. For Salamis, place them in a semi circle or fan; gently fold thinner cuts like prosciutto and lay them side by side.

Select Something More
Add at least two other elements to your board: something sweet and something salty. Sweet elements can include fruits like grapes, pears, or figs, or candied nuts or honey to drizzle. Salty elements can include olives, gherkins, roasted nuts, or parmesan crisps.

Select Your Crunch
Flavored crackers work well with plain brie, but the simple water cracker is more versatile and will pair better will stronger flavors. Don't feel limited to crackers: sliced baguettes, pretzels and bread sticks are all good options.