Summer Picnic Planning - 1

Summer Picnic Planning
By: Draeger's Markets

Picnics are a big part of summer family fun! Whether at a park, the beach, or out camping, there are a few general secrets for picnicking successfully (especially with kids!)

Before You Go

Take into consideration your destination. If you're heading to a local park, you can bring a hefty cooler without lugging it any great distance, but if your destination is a state beach, packing everything in one bag can get heavy walking across the sand. Try packing two separate coolers, one with drinks and one with food to distribute the weight. Think about the distance you need to cross and the amount you're bringing.

Creature comforts are next on the list. What are you going to sit on, do you have extra glasses, do you need forks or a cheese knife? Start with how you plan to picnic: a feast on the ground requires chairs or a blanket. For the places that provide tables, bring a tablecloth (you will not regret it). Next, think about what you are packing for food and drinks, and go through the mental checklist of plates, napkins, silverware, serving plates and utensils, and Tupperware for left over storage.

Remember- you're not just carrying food and drinks, you're carrying a blanket and potentially a smattering of sports equipment, portable speakers, or fishing gear. If you have extra hands to carry these extra toys, that's wonderful- unless you're the parent who ends up carrying everything back to the car. The new collapsible wagons are great if you're picnicking with a giant load, but the old rule still applies: pack in what only what you're willing to pack out! If it makes you feel any better, after the food is eaten, the load gets lighter.

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The Picnic Menu

The best part of a picnic is trying to figure out what food and drinks to pack! This will depend on who is picnicking with you- a family affair requires planning for kids, while a day out with friends might include an extra bottle of rosé. When packing drinks for kids, water and a few Capri Sun lemonades (because they don't come in glass bottles, which are banned in some places) fit the bill.

When adulting, craft beer in cans, like Fort Point KSA, can be a refreshing choice. A romantic evening picnic might include bringing a bottle of like Roederer Estate Brut sparkling wine or Ken Wright Pinot Noir repackaged in a reusable thermos like Hydro Flask 25oz wine bottle.

Family picnics are made easy when stopping by Draeger's Deli counter. Have them whip up everyone's favorite sandwich, select a pint of coleslaw, Draeger's famous German potato salad, or fruit salad, and a few bags of chips. Great kid snacks might also include BabyBel cheese, Z Bars, and apples.


If you are looking to upscale your picnic experience, or you are hosting a romantic picnic, bring the components for a charcuterie board: grapes or sliced apple, Raincoast Crisp crackers, salami slices, a Danish blue cheese, and a farm-style hard cheddar. Try to pick food that will hold up to being jostled in transit and easy to clean up (nothing sticky, leave the truffled honey at home this time!). If you're feeling bold, select three or four different types of sushi packages, and open them up to share. Draeger's tea sandwiches and pre-packed green salads are also excellent options.

Draeger's HOME department has a variety of lovely waterproof and stain resistant Le Cadeaux tableclothes, which not only look upscale but are perfect for easy picnic clean up. Bonus: they coordinate with their unbreakable melamine plates. Right now Draeger's is featuring three of their incredible patterns: Toscana, Sorrento, and Palermo.

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Our last piece of advice may sound intuitive, but it never hurts to be prepared for anything. I can remember picnicking in Half Moon Bay as a little girl and watching a seriously brave seagull take a sandwich right from my hands. Luckily, my mom was prepared. Within minutes she was handing me a spare sandwich she had brought. These extra prep items won't sound glamourous, but someone needs to say them: Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. Wipes. Since we had kids, I don't think I will ever go anywhere without wipes- they're so versatile! Sticky hands, spills, dirty hands, sandy hands, you name it, wipes get the job done.

The goal of any picnic is simple: fun. With a little planning ahead, a simple picnic can be made easier and more stress-free, letting you, your friends, family, and loved ones enjoy yourselves more thoroughly as you feast outdoors.

Have fun picnicking this summer!