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Serves 15 to 20 people. *GF, Contains Dairy

Creamy, buttery flavor with a grassy tangy finish. Perfect for any time snacking cheese, grilled cheese, mac-n-cheese, omelets, burgers, sauces and casseroles.

Shaft's Bleu Vein
A rich, creamy flavor that is the signature of Shaft's Bleu Vein Cheese. This product has a big, bold flavor without the overpowering taste that can often accompany bleu cheeses.

Mt. Tam
Cowgirl Creamery's signature cheese. Smooth, creamy, triple cream with an earthy flavor of white mushrooms and a buttery mellow taste.

Humboldt Fog
You'll enjoy buttermilk and fresh cream, complemented with floral notes, herbaceous overtones, and a clean citrus finish. As Humboldt Fog matures, the creamline develops and the flavor intensifies.


Serves 15 to 20 people. *GF, Contains Dairy

An exquisite cheese collection with some of our more popular cheeses from France garnished with berries and grapes.

Earthy, nutty, strong, sweet & tangy, Cantal works well with nuts, grapes and apples as well can be used in salads, soups, cheese fondue or gratins.

Brillat Savarin
Texture is dense, moist, and slightly chalky with enough lusciousness and creaminess for a triple cream cheese. Flavors are of butter, salt and cream with hints of mushroom, nuts and truffles.

Two texture magic that every sliced round has to offer; a fat, sometimes inch thick, creamline forms beneath the downy, edible white rind- a perfect visual of surface ripening in action.

The cheese of kings and popes, this raw sheep's milk Blue cheese is aged in the limestone caves of Roquefort, France. It has an intense aroma, taste and is spicy to piquant.


Serves 8 to 10 people. *GF, Contains Dairy

A carefully chosen collection of popular cheeses from Italy.

La Tur
From Italy, a soft-ripened cheese made from a blend of sheep's, cow's and goat's milk. A light straw yellow color, it tastes of sweet cream and butter, followed by acidic notes and yeasty flavors.

A smooth and creamy blue cheese that offers a milder alternative to powerful blue cheeses, thanks to its sweet and delicate flavor.

Creamy, semisoft, the cheese has a strong smell, but its taste is relatively mild with an unusual fruity tang.

Sottocenere al Tartufo
Aged in a coat of nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon, licorice, cloves, and fennel, and studded throughout with slices of rich, black truffle. The cheese has lovely aromatics!


Serves 8 to 10 people. *GF, Contains Dairy

A thoughtfully chosen collection of Spain's most sought after cheeses.

Drunken Goat
This cheese has been "made drunk" by submerging it in a bath of Doble Pasta wine (Mourvedre grapes) for 72 hours, giving the rind a vivid purple hue. Delicately grapey with a mild fruity flavor.

Ibérico cheese is beautifully balanced, full of flavor but with a very mild sharpness. It is over half cow's milk, lending a smoothness that adds nuance to the bright, tangy flavors of the other milks.

Aged for over 9 months with a salty, briny flavor. Quince paste is a traditional pairing.

Crafted with D.O. cow's milk, this cheese is firm, rich and complex with hints of caramel and butterscotch.

Note: Sliced baguettes and crackers are an additional fee.

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