Tutti Frutti Winter Hard Squash Guide

acorn sqaush
Acorn: This popular winter squash has a ribbed rind and looks just like an acorn. It tastes best when roasted. Add a pat or two of butter and a little brown sugar to bring out the nutty flavor of this holiday classic. The curved shape of this squash also makes it perfect for stuffing.
butternut sqaush
Butternut: Has a distinctive bell shape with bright orange sweet flesh. If you have a large squash cut the neck away from the body so it is easier to work with and then halved. The squash can be roasted at this point or peeled, cut into cubes, and then roasted.

buttercup sqaush
Buttercup: This dark green squash with light green streaks is easy to spot by the round ring around the blossom end of the squash. The orange flesh has a rich flavor similar to a baked sweet potato. It is delicious baked or stuffed.
carnival sqaush
Carnival: This bright and colorful squash averages about 5 to 7 inches across, and is a hybrid of an acorn and sweet dumpling. The firm dry texture and mild flavor is enhanced by roasting with butter and spices.

delicata sqaush
Delicata: An heirloom variety also known as the sweet potato squash, it tastes like a cross between corn and pumpkin pie. The thin skin is completely edible which is fantastic because it is difficult to peel.
kabocha sqaush
Kabocha: This wonderful Japanese squash has a slightly nutty and sweet dense flesh that becomes bright orange when cooked. There is no need to peel the rind. Cut into slices and bake or simmer.

spaghetti sqaush
Spaghetti: Easy to spot with its oblong shape and beautiful yellow skin. Bake and then run a fork down each half and watch the mild flavored cream colored flesh comes away in spaghetti like strands. We like to pair it with Tutti Frutti’s Organic Heirloom Tomato Pomodoro Sauce for that easy meatless meal.
red kuri sqaush
Red Kuri: Boasting a bright orange reddish skin with slighty sweet flesh which is not quite as nutty as Kabocha. Once cooked the skin and flesh can be blended together to make tantalizing soups, pies or muffins.

sugar pie pumpkin
Sugar Pie Pumpkin: Short and round, sugar pie pumpkins have thick walls with lots of pumpkin flavored flesh. Now is your time to shine by making a pumpkin pie from scratch. Bake one medium sized pumpkin and puree the flesh as a delicious substitute for canned pumpkin this holiday season.
sweet dumpling squash
Sweet Dumpling: The perfect personal sized squash averaging about 4 to 5 inches long. Small but full of flavor, cut off the top and bake it whole. Great for stuffing or blending into a soup.