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An offer he can't refuse! Gift something from our amazing selection of smoking chips and wood planks to help your Dad take his grilling obsession to the next level.


These planks help give flavor to anything you want to grill, from the traditional salmon to the adventurous pork tenderloin or assorted veggies.

Draeger's Wood Planks Flavors: Maple, Cherry, Alder, Hickory and Cedar

season skewers
Up in Smoke

Give meat and veggies huge flavor in just a few minutes on the grill with these square-shaped natural oil and herb extract infused skewers.

Seasoned Skewers Flavors: Citrus Rosemary, Smokey BBQ, Thai Coconut Lime, Mexican Fiesta, Honey Bourbon

spice rubs
Dust That

Looking to spice up your grill? Look no further than Oakland Dust's line up of amazing rubs. From seafood to poultry to beef, these spice blends have the magic touch!

Dust Varieties: Pork Rub, Seafood Rub, Poultry Rub, Beef Rub, Chili Lime Rub, Steak and Rib Rub