About Your Thanksgiving Bird

Ordering Your Turkey

Ordering Your Turkey

Start by asking yourself a few important questions:

About Diestel Turkeys

Your turkey isn't frozen! Diestel Turkeys come to you intentionally chilled to as cold a temperature as possible without freezing. This guarantees that you take home the absolute freshest, preservative-free bird. Chilling can result in a cold, firm turkey we term "crusted". In preparing for your oven, a firm turkey will easily soften by merely submerging the turkey, in its bag, under cold running water.

About Diestel Turkey

Pro Tips

Once you have the answers to the questions, you can order your bird with a few tips in mind:

"The earlier you order your turkey the better. This way, if you do have questions, you can call and ask - or if you have any sudden adjustments to the size, the new size you're looking for will still be available to you."
- Jerry Saldano, Draeger's Los Altos Meat Department Manager

Pro Tip: Safe Poultry Handling

Never stuff a bird in advance. Stuff it just before roasting.