Valentine's Day Sweets

Sweets for the Sweet Sweets for the Sweet

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates
Imported from Belgium, Leonidas provides and extensive and exclusive variety of Belgian chocolates.

Pleasure the Palate Pleasure the Palate

Piccoletti Pleasures
tribute to Modern Art, the Piccoletti Pleasures Chocolate Box is a playful assortment of tastes and textures. Textures range from smooth as silk, creamy soft and crunchy and each distinctive flavor will amaze you.

Experience Decadence Experience Decadence

The Ultimate Dark Chocolate Experience is designed for the chocolate purest. Complex dark cocoa flavors give way to a hint of sweetness followed by a buttery lusciousness and a long lasting finish enhanced by a rich smoothness and sophisticated mouth feel.


Michael Recchiuti Chocolates
The Black Box is the New York Times' best chocolate box pick three years in a row. The collection includes favorite flavors like Recchiuti's signature Burnt Caramel, Force Noir, and Piedmont Hazelnut.

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