Draeger's Deli - A Collection of Gourmet Party Platters and Prepared Foods

Draeger's caters breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner events. Below is a categorized listing of our catering options. We also provide food items and products from our deli case on a daily basis.

When placing your order, please call well in advance of our 11am deadline. Orders must be finalized with a live clerk before 11-am the day prior to pick-up or delivery. Call 7 days in advance for larger events.

Prepayment is required for all orders. All prices are subject to change and foods listed are subject to seasonal availability. Draeger's is happy to prepare any of our delectable dishes on your personal serving pieces... please don't hesitate to ask! All Prices on this menu are subject to change without notice.

Ahi Tuna Poke Spoon: Hawaiian tuna poke in a pastry spoon
$35.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Assorted Deluxe Canapes: Toasted bread rounds topped with our shrimp and chicken salad; cherry tomatoes stuffed with a crab mixture; Italian salami cones filled with chive and green onion cream cheese.
$138.00 - 100 pieces
Bacon Wrapped Prunes: on-wrapped prunes stuffed with cream cheese.
$29.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts and Pineapple: Bacon-wrapped prunes stuffed with cream cheese and bacon wrapped water chestnuts with pineapple.
$21.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Blue Cheese And Smoked Almond Topped Dried Apricots: 2 DOZEN MINIMUM ORDER
$21.00 per dozen / / 2-dozen minimum order
Bocconcini: - 2 DOZEN MINIMUM ORDER. Bite Size balls of fresh marinated mozzarella.
$15.99 per lb. / Approx. 30 - pieces
Bocconcini Skewers w/ Pitted Kalamata Olives & Grape Tomatoes: served with pesto cream for dipping.
$52.00 - 48 pieces
Caramelized Onion Crostini: Crostini are garnished with crispy cooked pancetta bacon from Italy. They're lightly coated with caramelized onions, bound in sour cream with herbs.
$35.00 / 48 pieces
Ceviche Tartlets: Filled with scallop ceviche and avocado cream.
$32.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Chicken Curry Crostini: 2-DOZEN MINIMUM ORDER.
$21.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Crab Stuffed Portobellini Mushrooms: Fresh crab filled mushroom topped with peppercorns.
$58.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Chickpea Mini Cakes: Delightful chickpea and butternut squash medallions garnished with Draeger's own sun-dried tomato pesto.
$18.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Crab Stuffed Portobellini Mushrooms: Fresh crab filled mushroom topped with peppercorns.
$58.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Green Garbanzo Tartlet: Toasted pastry cup with green garbanzo hummus and radish pearls.
$18.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Edamame Crostini: With Wasabi & Daikon Radish
$18.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Herb Cheese Cups: Herb Cheese cups topped with tapenade and oven dried tomatoes.
$25.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Japanese Cucumber Cups: Cucumber cups filled with smoked trout mousse, chives and Tobiko caviar.
$35.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Lemon Tarragon Shrimp: Jumbo shrimp marinated with tarragon, black pepper and grated lemon zest, quickly grilled and served on a tray.
$114.00 - 30 pieces
Manchego, Quince & Almond Crostini: Toasted crostini with Spanish manchego cheese, quince paste, Spanish marcona almonds and fresh rosemary.
$35.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Melon & Prosciutto Platter: Honeydew melon wrapped with thinly sliced prosciutto.
$69.00 - 48 pieces
Mini Aram Platter:
#121 Smoked Salmon:
$63.00 / 48 Pieces
#122 Beef:
$63.00 / 48 Pieces
#123 Turkey:
$63.00 / 48 Pieces
Mini Argentinian Assorted Empanadas Asst'd: Wild mushroom, Spinach, Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato mini empanadas.
$45.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Mini Corn Empanadas: Filled with black beans, jack cheese, bell peppers and spices.
$30.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Mini Crab Cakes: Crab, lightly bound with eggs, herbs and traditional seasonings; quickly fried, highlighting the crab's natural sweetness. Served with house-made cocktail sauce.
$173.00 - 48 pieces
Mini Filo Triangles: - 2 DOZEN MINIMUM ORDER. Delicate filo pastry stuffed with wild mushrooms and walnuts.
$32.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Mini Quiche - Available in a variety of flavors: Italian (mozzarella and tomato), Ham, Spinach, and Spanish.
$40.00 - 24 count per flavor required
Mini Risotto Balls: Risotto balls stuffed with fontina cheese, lightly fried.
$23.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Pastry Cups With Smoked Chicken Mousse: Pastry cups filled with smoked chicken mousse and roasted red peppers.
$23.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Pearl Mozzarella Spoon: Fresh pearl size mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes and Draeger's house made pesto sauce garnished with a tiny basil leaf.
$55.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Pesto Crostini: A slice of baguette spread with house made pesto, garnished with a slice of Monterey Jack cheese and a decorative sun dried tomato wedge.
$17.50 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Polenta Crostini: Topped with wild mushrooms, onions and roasted pepper coulis and pesto.
$21.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Quail Eggs in Pastry Cup: Poached quail egg with roasted poblano-garlic cream in a pastry cup.
$35.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Quesadilla Bite Sized Shrimp: Small shrimp, quickly sautéed and mixed with garlic, Jack cheese and baby spinach, fill this traditional Mexican dish. Garnished with house-made salsa and sour cream.
$75.00 - 36 pieces
Quesadilla Bite Sized Vegetarian: Smoked cheddar cheese with grilled peppers and portabella mushrooms fill this traditional Mexican dish. Garnished with house-made salsa and sour cream.
$41.00 - 36 pieces
Ratatouille Mini Tartlets: Mini tartlets stuffed with savory ratatouille.
$23.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Risotto Mini Cakes: Risotto mini cakes topped with Andouille sausage.
$25.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Roast Beef Crostini: Draeger's slow roasted, roast beef with horseradish cream, oven dried tomatoes and fresh arugula on a traditional crostini.
$18.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Roasted Duck Tartlets: Delicate pastry shells filled with roasted duck rillette and topped with dried peach compote.
$31.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Roquefort-Apple Crostini:
$18.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Sates: Chicken, Beef or Portabella Sate - with a spicy Thai peanut dipping sauce on the side.
$58.00 - 25 pieces
Smoked Duck Spoon: Smoked duck breasts garnished with Moroccan dates, yellow bell peppers and pink peppercorns.
$40.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Smoked Salmon On Endive: A classic hors d'ouevre. Made with cream cheese, black pepper, sweet onion and capers.
$80.00 - 33 hors d'oeuvres
Smoked Salmon Tartare: Nested in a delicate barquette, our smoked salmon tartare is topped with crème fraiche, red onions and caper berry.
$32.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Spanish Anchovy Crostini: Vinegar marinated white Spanish anchovies with dill on a toasted crostini.
$18.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Stuffed Globe Grapes: Sweet globe grapes filled with herbed goat cheese and toasted pistachios.
$23.00 per dozen/ 2 dz. minimum order. order
Stuffed Mini Red Potatoes: Stuffed with grilled prawn relish and chili-cilantro mayonnaise.
$37.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Stuffed Mushrooms: Fresh button mushrooms sautéed in garlic and butter and stuffed with a creamy mixture of green onions, spices and sour cream.
$16.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Stuffed Peppadew Peppers: Thimble-sized, sweet and lightly pickled peppers, stuffed with goat cheese, lemon rind and herbs. They're bright and fresh on the plate.
$80.00 - 48 peppers
Sun-Dried Tomato Crostini: Traditional crostini spread with sun-dried tomato and topped with a slice of Monterey Jack cheese.
$18.50 - per dozen/ 2 dozen minimum order
Teriyaki Tofu Skewers: Teriyaki roasted organic tofu with cucumber, sesame seeds, chili flakes and chives.
$18.00 per dozen / 2-dozen minimum order
Antipasto Platter: talian-style antipasto platter with a selection of cold meats, Italian cheeses, olives and peppers.
$5.25 per serving (6-SERVING MINIMUM)
Asian Food Platter: A delectable assortment of pot stickers, spring rolls, Asian-style chicken wings.
$8.00 per serving
Asian Drumette: Chicken drumettes with our own spicy sweet sauce.
$19.99 per pound (3-POUND MINIMUM)
Cheese Tray: Assorted domestic cheeses, cubed or sliced, beautifully arranged and decorated.
$5.25 per serving (6-SERVING MINIMUM)
Imported & Gourmet Cheese Collections:

French Collection Cheese Platter: Le Chevrot - aged goat cheese fro Poitou, France. Piquant and nutty flavor. Morbier - from French-Comte regions, sweet and fruity tasted with distinctive layer of vegetable ash, separating morning and evening milk. Bleu D'Auvergne - a rare raw milk cheese fro Auvergne, France. The threads of blue-grey mold hint at herbs and melted butter. Reblochon de Savoie - Washed rind, soft AOC cheese from the Haute-Savoie, France. Flavor has a touch of walnuts and mountain flowers.
Call for current price, serves 15-20

Italian Collection: Ricotta Salata - Hard, grating 100% sheep's milk whey cheese from Souther Italy. Robiola Vecchia Valsassin - Wahed rind, soft Italian cheese similar in flavor for Taleggio. Gorgonzola Naturale - From the mountainous region of Northern Italy this classic gorogonzola has a wonderful intensity.
Call for current price, serves 8-10

Spanish Collection: Manchego - Extremely buttery and aged to perfection. Made by the Corcuera Family from Manchega sheep grazing in the provinces of Albacete. Queso de Murcia Al Vino - Semi-soft 75 day aged artisan goat cheese from Murcia, Spain that has been soaked in Doble Pasta wine. Mahon - Cow's milk cheese from Minorca, in the Balearic Islands. Creamy flavor with a nutty finish.
Call for current prices, serves 8-10

California Collection: Old Sport Aged Cheddar - Made by Ig Vella in Sonoma this two year aged cheddar is superbly sharp. Redwood Hill Camellia - This small camembert style goat milk cheese is made by jennifer Bice is Sebastopol. Bermuda Triangle - Aged goat milk cheese from Mary Keehn in McKinleyville. Interior is covered with a vegetable ash with a finish of white mold. Creamy, light and earthy. Bear Flag Mezzo Secco - Outstanding sharp, clean flavor. This "partially dry" Jack for Ig Vella in Sonoma makes a wonderful table cheese.
Call for current prices, serves 15-20
Chilled Shellfish Tray: A delectable array of chilled jumbo prawns, Alaskan King Crab legs, and mussels, served with cocktail sauce.
$229 Serves 15
Drumette Tray: Southern-style deep -fried drumettes, served with a delicious barbecue of teriyaki sauce.
$114.00 - 50 drumettes
Fruit Platter: A colorful assortment of fresh fruit in season.
$6.50 per serving (6-SERVING MINIMUM)
Meat And Cheese Tray: Sliced premium roast beef, roast turkey breast, baked ham, Italian Salami, Swiss and cheddar cheese.
$5.25 per serving (6-SERVING MINIMUM)
Mediterranean Platter: Hot and mild humus, dolmas and Meditteranean cous-cous salad with pita bread slices for dipping.
$6.50 per serving (6-SERVING MINIMUM)
Olive Bar: Choose from over 20 varieties of olives or simply savor Draeger's own Country Mix.
$12.95 per pound
Oysters On The Half Shell: Freshly shucked Blue Point oysters served with cocktail sauce.
$92.00 - 30 oysters
PARTY PATE PLATTER: A selection of fine pates and crackers arranged on a platter.
$5.50 per serving (6-SERVING MINIMUM)
Prawn Platter: Chilled jumbo prawns, beautifully arranged around a bowl of cocktail sauce.
$100.00 - 25 prawns
Sausage - Draeger's own smoked sausage: Polish, chicken apple, New Mexico, Turkey Kielbasa.
$9.25 per lb (4-POUND MINIMUM)
Spinach Dip Bread Round: This classic dip fills a round loaf of Draeger's freshly baked sourdough bread.
$40.00 - serves 15 (Other sizes available.)
Stuffed Eggs: A combination of spices, Best Foods mayonnaise, curry powder and fresh ground bread crumbs.
$1.50 each (6-SERVING MINIMUM)
Sunny Delight Sushi Platter: Fresh Sushi! California rolls, cucumber rolls, tuna rolls, and Nigiri.
$64.00 - serves 12
Vegetable Platter: A vegetarian treat! Asparagus, Blue Lake beans, carrots, red, yellow and green bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, olives, zucchini and yellow squash. Comes with a dill dipping sauce.
$64.00 - 16" platter
$87.00 - 18" platter
Watermelon Basket: Watermelon cut into the shape of a basket, filled with fresh seasonal fruit and decorated with flowers.
$104.00 each (serves 12-15)
Aram Sandwich Platter - A Trio Of Finger Sandwiches: Turkey and Monterey Jack, baked ham and Swiss, roast beef and cheddar.
$87.00 (30 pieces)
Box Lunches:
$14.50 - $17.75 (Call for assortment listing)
Condiment Platter: Our condiment platter makes it easy to meet those individual taste preferences. Sliced tomato, lettuce, onions, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles and pepperoncini.
$2.75 per serving (6-SERVING MINIMUM)
Lox, Bagels And Cream Cheese: Mini bagels with lox, cream cheese, sweet onion and tomato.
$7.50 per serving (6-SERVING MINIMUM)
Bread, Bread Sticks & Rolls:
See our price list for a variety of selections.
Party Sandwich Platter: 52 delightful finger sandwiches. Perfect for business luncheons.
$99.00 - 52 finger sandwiches
Six Foot Long Stadium Sandwich: Tailgate parties made easy. Satisfies that linebacker appetite. Once week advance notice please.
$92.00 - serves 25
Asian Salad: Romaine, grilled chicken, orange slices, soba noodles, red bell peppers, cashews, cherry tomatoes, black sesame, green onions with a terriyaki, soy sauce based dressing.
$11.99 per serving / 6-serving minimum
Baby Spinach Salad: (6-SERVING MINIMUM) Baby spinach salad may also be ordered with grilled chicken.
$10.00 per serving
Bistro Chicken Salad: Mixed baby greens, cherry tomatoes, pecans, dried peaches, with a red wine vinaigrette.
$11.99 per serving / 6-serving minimum
Bistro Salad: (6-SERVING MINIMUM) Mixed greens with roasted pears, Roquefort cheese and balsamic Vinaigrette.
$10.00 per serving
Chinese Chicken Salad: Romaine hearts, chicken breast, peanuts, rice noodle, green onion and fresh cilantro tossed in Draeger’s own, authentic Chinese dressing.
$10.99 lb. / 6-serving minimum
Classic Caesar Salad: (6-SERVING MINIMUM) This classic salad may also be ordered with grilled chicken.
$10.75 per serving
Caesar with Grilled Chicken: (6-SERVING MINIMUM)
$12.75 per serving
Cobb Salad: (6-SERVING MINIMUM) Romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, sliced eggs, avocado, bacon, turkey, crumbled blue cheese and Kalamata olives with a sherry wine vinaigrette dressing.
$9.50 per serving
Crab And Avocado Salad: (6-SERVING MINIMUM) Freshly cooked Dungeness crab with ripe avocado and cumin-grapefruit dressing.
$18.50 per serving
Salad Of Garden Greens: (6-SERVING MINIMUM) A traditional salad served with carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes with your choice of dressing.
$6.50 per serving
Salmon Nicoise Salad: Romaine, steamed salmon, red potatoes, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, green beans, black Nicoise olives and red onions with Draeger’s in-house red wine vinaigrette.
$14.99 lb. / 6-serving minimum
Taco Salad: Romaine, seasoned ground beef, red peppers, red onions, corn, cheddar and jack cheese with Draeger’s special blended taco dressing!
$10.99 per peson / 6-serving minimum
Taco Salad with Chicken: Romaine, grilled chicken, red peppers, red onions, corn, cheddar and jack cheese with Draeger’s special blended taco dressing!
$10.99 per peson / 6-serving minimum
Tomato, Mozzarella And Basil Salad: (6-SERVING MINIMUM) A delightful, fresh medley of flavors.
$10.95 per serving
Draeger's Soups: We offer a large variety of fresh seasonal soups. Please ask for our current list and prices. (Assorted Varieties)
$5.99 Pint
$9.99 Quart
Grilled Scallop & Prawn Skewers: Cooked to perfection and served with a saffron lime aioli.
$95.00 per dozen
Maine Lobster: Fresh Maine lobsters, flown in daily…cooked to perfection.
Call for market price
Moroccan Marinated Grilled Swordfish: Swordfish marinated with cilantro, lemon, garlic and paprika, and grilled to perfection.
Call for market price
Poached Salmon: Whole salmon poached in lemon/wine sauce, garnished with thinly sliced lemons and cucumbers. Served with a dill sauce.
Call for market price
Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna: Picture perfect Ahi, served with pickled ginger, soy and wasabi.
Call for market price (4-SERVING MINIMUM)
Tandoori Roasted Salmon Filet: Delicate fresh salmon is served with a mango lime relish.
$29.00 per serving
Tuscany Marinated Grilled Salmon: 4-POUND MINIMUM. Enjoy the taste of Tuscany. Grilled salmon filet served with roasted peppers, capers, garlic olive oil and fresh herbs
$30.00 per serving
Grilled Filet Mignon: ½ lb of center cut and slow aged USDA choice filet is wrapped with our own apple smoked bacon. Grilled to perfection!
$35.00 per serving (4-SERVING MINIMUM)
New York Steak Au Poivre: 4-SERVING MINIMUM. Chef's Choice New York strip steak grilled to your specification and served with a green peppercorn and Demi-Glace sauce.
$39.00 per serving (4-SERVING MINIMUM)
Seared Beef Tenderloin Filet: The savory flavors of this tender beef is enhanced by a subtle balsamic reduction sauce.
$35.00 per serving (4-SERVING MINIMUM)
Veal Roast Roulade: Rolled and roasted veal loin with a stuffing of sautéed spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, garlic, porcini mushrooms and breadcrumbs. As delicious as it is beautiful.
$190.00 (Serves 8)
Whole Roast Of Prime Rib: 4-SERVING MINIMUMServed to perfection with au jus and creamed Horseradish.
Grilled Marinated Boneless Chicken: Plump, boneless chicken breasts, served with Mediterranean olives and fresh herbs.
$16.00 per serving
Stuffed Chicken Breasts: 4-SERVING MINIMUM. Boneless chicken breasts stuffed with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, garlic, fresh herbs, parmigiano reggiano, baked and served on a bed of roasted garlic and fresh basil marinara.
$16.00 per serving (4-SERVING MINIMUM)
Chesnut And Polenta Stuffed Pork Loin: A delicate, subtle tasting meal of pork with a stuffing of chestnuts and polenta.
$13.00 per serving (4-SERVING MINIMUM)
Crown Roast Of Pork: A whole crown of pork, 16 chops cooked on a rack. Wonderfully rich and succulent. This is always the hit of the party.
$173.00 (Cannot be picked-up HOT before Noon)
Roasted Suckling Pig: A sucking pig, slowly roasted to perfection in our giant oven until it is plump, juicy and golden brown. Fully garnished and decorated for that special party.
Call for market price. Other sizes available. (7-Day Minimum Notice Required)
Crown Roast of Lamb: Our 16 chop of California lamb is roasted to perfection and stuffed with a mint and tomato couscous.
$260.00 (Serves 8)
Herb Roasted Leg of Lamb: Boneless leg of lamb marinated with olive oil, garlic, aromatic herbs de provence and slow roasted to infuse the flavors to perfection.
$155.00 (Serves 8)
Cornish Game Hens: Roasted game hens stuffed with wild rice, dried cranberries, pecans, thyme and focaccia bread.
$17.00 each (4-SERVING MINIMUM)
Seared Muscovy Breast Of Duck: Cabernet marinated and pan seared duck breast cooked until plump and juicy, served with a sauce of dried cherries, shallots, spices and duck glace.
$38.00 per serving (4-SERVING MINIMUM)
Baked Penne Pasta: Penne pasta baked with Goat cheese, Kalamata olives, oregano and Roma tomatoes.
$10.50 per serving
Beef Lasagna: Draeger's traditional meat and tomato sauce lasagna, layered with grated Romano and mozzarella cheese using fresh egg pasta sheets.
$11.99 lb (Serves 2)
Cannelloni: Beef, prosciutto and spinach cannelloni stuffing in a fresh egg pasta, topped with parmesan cheese and Draeger's own marinara and béchamel cream sauces.
$29.00 - 8 pieces
Cappellini: Cappellini pasta with olive oil, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, pinenuts and pesto.
$18.00 per serving
Orecchiette Pasta: Orecchiette pasta with grilled chicken, oven-dried tomatoes and spinach.
$11.50 per serving
Vegetarian Cannelloni: Oven dried tomatoes, spinach, basil, garlic, ricotta and parmesan cheese mix, in a fresh spinach pasta sheet and baked.
$29.00 - 8 pieces
Vegetarian Lasagna: A delicious, healthy meal made with spinach, onions, mushrooms, parsley and Draeger's garlic cream sauce.
$11.99 lb (Serves 2)
Braised Broccoli Rabe: Served with whole roasted garlic.
$6.50 per serving
Grilled Asparagus: Fresh seasonal asparagus grilled and topped with Goat cheese and pink peppercorns.
$8.00 per serving
Grilled Vegetables: colorful & delicious medley of vegetables grilled to perfection and dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs.
$10.99 lb.
Grilled Eggplant Parmigiana: A perfect vegetarian choice made with layers of grilled eggplant, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, bread crumbs and Draeger’s own marinara sauce.
$11.49 lb (Serves 2)
Oven Roasted 3 Cauliflower: Purple, Yellow & Green Cauliflower, Orange Bell Peppers, Parmesan Cheese, Canola/ Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, Fresh Thyme, Salt, Green Peppercorns, Pink Peppercorns.
$11.99 lb
Sriracha Roasted Brussel Sprout & Yellow Carrot Salad: Brussel Sprouts, Yellow Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Arugula, Rice Vinegar, Canola/Olive Oil, Garlic, Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, Sriracha Sauce.
$9.99 lb
Steamed Seasonal Vegetables: We can customize your selection of fresh seasonal vegetables.
$7.50 per serving
Stuffed Orange Peppers: Aztec Blend Rice, Orange Bell Pepper, Mild Cheddar Cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese, Red Bell Peppers, Green Onions, Kosher Salt, Parsley, Garlic, Olive Oil, Butter, Pepper Jack Cheese.
$11.99 lb
Thai Pineapple Cucumber Salad: Pineapple, Cucumbers, Green Onions, Cilantro, Mint, Lime juice, Brown Sugar, Jalapeno Peppers, Peanuts, Fish Sauce, Red Pepper Flakes, Agave Syrup, Chili Garlic Sauce.
$7.99 lb
Draeger's 9" Round Quiches: Made in the following flavors: Ham, Spanish, Mushroom, Spinach.
$22.99 each (serves 8-10)
Draeger's 5" Round Quiches: Made in the following flavors: Ham, Spanish, Mushroom, Spinach.
$10.99 each (serves 1-2)
Baked Basmati Rice & Pinenuts: Herbed baked baby basmati rice cooked with fresh herbs and topped with toasted pinenuts.
$7.50 per serving
Baked Risotto Cakes: Topped with reggiano cheese.
$35.00 per dozen (MINIMUM ORDER: 1 DOZEN)
Butternut Squash & Leek Gratin: Sweet butternut squash thinly sliced and mixed with gruyere cheese, cream, garlic and spices then baked to a golden brown finish.
$15.49 lb (Serves 3)
Green Garbanzo Hummus: This "vegan" hummus is an outstanding new creation from our Executive Chef Victor Chamorro. Colorful and delicious with fresh baked pita chips!
$7.99 per ½ Pint
Macaroni & Cheese: Choose from 4 delicious combos with chef's decadent multi-cheese sauce: Bacon, Four Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomato/Basil, Black Truffle.
$9.99 lb (Serves 3)
Mango Cous Cous Salad: Freggola Cous Cous, Mangos, Grape Tomatoes, Canola / Olive Oil, English Cucumbers, Red Onions, Mint, Chopped Parsley, Black Pepper, Salt, Lemon Juice.
$11.99 lb (Serves 3)
Olive Mashed Potatoes: A wonderful side dish made with russet potatoes, mascarpone cheese, chives, nicoise olive, extra virgin olive oil and spices.
$18.50 qt (Serves 3)
Organic Brown Rice Pilaf: Lundberg's blend of assorted brown rice steamed with vegetable stock, carrots, celery, onions and herbs.
$12.00 qt (Serves 3)
Polenta & Vegetable Terrine: A classic Italian dish made with slow cooked polenta, cream, garlic, herbs, parmesan cheese and assorted vegetables.
$26.00/terrine (Serves 8)
Potatoes Gratin Dauphinoise: Classic French potato dish made with gruyere cheese, butter, cream with a little nutmeg, salt and pepper added to perfection.
$18.50 qt (Serves 3)
Roasted Red, White & Blue Potato Salad: Mixed Tri-color Potatoes, Red Onions, White Balsamic Vinegar, Canola/ Olive Oil, Chives, Dijon Mustard, Parsley, Honey, Salt, Grape Tomatoes, Black Pepper, Garlic.
$9.99 lb
Steamed Black Rice: Delicately steamed black rice with plum wine sauce, topped with toasted coconut.
$6.50 per serving
Stuffed Potatoes: Just-baked potatoes missed with Best Foods mayonnaise, cottage cheese, chives, garlic and salt then placed back in their own shells.
$3.99 each
Fresh Fruit Tart: Sweet pastry shell lined with Guittard chocolate, filled with fresh custard and topped with a medley of fresh fruit.
2" - $3.50
3" - $4.50
7" - $25.95
9" - $35.95
11" - $49.95
Assorted Cookie Platters: Great for children's events or parties! No substitutions.
Small Tray - $25.95 (44 pieces)
Large Tray - $42.95 (72 pieces)
Lemon Squares, Mad Bars & Brownies: Classic treats! Sweet lemon filled bars, Mad Bars (chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, coconut, graham crust) and rich fudge brownies.
Brownies - $2.75 each
Lemon Square - $2.25 each
Mad Bar - $2.75 each
Seasonal Cakes & Mousses: Our cakes and mousses are almost too beautiful to eat. We have many selections to choose from.
Call for current pricing, or check out our bakery menu
Strawberry Cream Cake: Vanilla cream sponge cake filled with fresh strawberries and whip cream, finished with sugared almonds and fresh strawberries and raspberries.
6" - $25.95
8" - $39.95
10" - $59.95
Tiramisu: A classic Italian-style dessert, light in texture, with delicious flavor.
Individual - $4.50
8" - $39.5
10" - $47.95
Lemon Cake: Delicious lemon cake, filled with a tart lemon curd and frosted with a light Italian-style lemon buttercream. Decorate with a fresh flower.
6" - $15.95
8" - $25.95
10" - $39.95

When ordering, please call us at least 24 hours in advance, no later than noon day prior to pick up for small parties, thank you!

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